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We’re based in Woodstock, Ontario, but our Clients trust us to keep their website updated and current from wherever we are to wherever they are.

That’s why our websites aren’t products; They’re a service.

Our core focus is on designing websites that fit the changing and evolving needs of our clients. Clients have the option to make their own changes, or if making their own changes won’t fit into their schedule, our service plan offers regular updates, plus the peace of mind that their site is being backed up monthly, has regular security scans and is being monitored for maximum up time.

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The world is evolving. So should your website:



Custom Website Designs

Customized Designs

Starting with a library of over 2oo templates, we narrow down what’s right for you.  This gives us a framework for of what your website will look like.  Then, we customize it for you!



Wordpress Website Updates

Ongoing Updates

Your website is only as relevant as the information on it.  Our service-based approach means you’ll get regular updates to your website included in your service package without any additional costs!



Mobile Websites

Mobile Optimized

With almost half of all website visitors using mobile devices, you can’t afford to have a website that only suits desktop.  All service packages include Mobile Optimized sites.



Ready to Get Fresh?

To be sure we’re offering you the services you need to accomplish your online marketing goals, we offer each client a complimentary consultation before recommending a website service package.

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Request a Complimentary Consultation:

If you’re tired of your outdated website or starting a new business and want to keep upfront costs low, but impact high, request a complimentary consultation today!

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Selling your business? You need a website!

“Our Business is doing great without a website, so why should we invest in having a website?” We’re seeing this quite often right now.  You’re a baby-boomer who owns a business; maybe something passed on by your parents or something you built...

Website Function Trends for 2015

Nothing is for sure, and there’s much more to be said about trending website designs in 2015, but here are 10 functions your website can’t do without in 2015! Blogging People check online not just to see what their friends are up to but also for...

Why do websites get hacked?

Well, first off, I’m not a hacker, so the ideas here are just those; ideas.  In some ways, hackers are the graffiti artists of the online world – some do it for ‘art’, some do it to deface property, some do it to make a political statement, and...

Does your business need a website?

Here’s the trap a lot of web designers fall into: They think your business needs a website.  Here’s a worse trap: Business owners telling designers that they need a website. And THE WORST TRAP: I’m a business owner and I need a website, so I’ll...

The numbers that matter

It’s easy to get excited when numbers are growing: My Facebook likes are up, my email list is growing, I have X number of new twitter followers and Google Analytics said that I had a 10 percent increase in website traffic this week, but let’s focus on the...

5 Question to ask your web developer

Whether you’re having a website built for the first time, or refreshing your business’ current website, here are a few question you’ll want to ask your website designer / developer : (Side note: if you’re not sure the difference between a...

Don’t reinvent the wheel, just tweak it.

One of the most common things I hear from aspiring entrepreneurs is “Here’s what I’m good at, but there’s someone else already doing that.”  Yep, get over it. Here are a couple of variations, and how I think you can get past the idea that...

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