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Offering service-based websites, so your business online is always fresh and updated, with service packages starting at $19.99/month!

Custom Website Designs

Customized Designs

Starting with a library of over 2oo templates, we narrow down what’s right for you.  This gives us a framework for of what your website will look like.  Then, we customize it for you!

Wordpress Website Updates

Ongoing Updates

Your website is only as relevant as the information on it.  Our service-based approach means you’ll get regular updates to your website included in your service package without any additional costs!

Mobile Websites

Mobile Optimized

With almost half of all website visitors using mobile devices, you can’t afford to have a website that only suits desktop.  All service packages include Mobile Optimized sites.

Social Media Customizations

Feeling Social?

Facebook and Twitter can be overwhelming, but we’re here to use our expertise on your behalf.  We focus on what we’re good at so you can focus on what you’re good at.

Ready to Get Fresh?

To be sure we’re offering you the services you need to accomplish your online marketing goals, we offer each client a complimentary consultation before recommending a website service package.

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Don’t reinvent the wheel, just tweak it.

One of the most common things I hear from aspiring entrepreneurs is “Here’s what I’m good at, but there’s someone else already doing that.”  Yep, get over it. Here are a couple of variations, and how I think you can get past the idea that...

A Branding Challenge.

Pull out your phone and send yourself a text message with the answer to this question: What makes your clients drive past your competition to do business with you? This question rules out convenience and also the standard “Our Service” answer that I get...

The 2 Ships…

While listening to Seth Godin recently, a thought rang true with me about an important distinction to be made as a business owner: Are you an Entrepreneur or a Freelancer? The Freelancer Ship: Freelancers are hired for work they do themselves.  They are the identity...

It All ‘Ads’ Up

Advertising is getting the word out about your Branding and Marketing while letting clients know about your products and services. Advertising is probably what most people understand as promoting your business (usually something you’ve paid for). Not sure where...

To Market, To Market…

Your Branding is determining what makes your business or organization unique from others like it.  How do customers or clients experience your business in the market?  That’s Marketing. Simply put, marketing is how you represent yourself in the market....

How hot is your Branding?

Much can be said for Branding, Marketing and Advertising, and I think the worst mistake we can make is assuming these are all the same. Here’s how I see it: Branding: What makes your business or organization unique in your industry?  (Why would someone drive...

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